Jen Is So Excited – After Reading Reviews I finally Odered The Flex Belt

Hi, this is Jen from Texas. I’m super excited today as I got my Flex Belt in the mail. I’m going to show you how this works.

This is basically a belt that you strap around your waist. It works your abs. It contracts the ab muscles and you get a really good workout. It does 150 contractions per minute. I’m real excited as this is used by bodybuilders.

I’ve got the Flex Belt pulled out here. It looks pretty simple with printed directions on the inside with how it works. After watching the videos and reading the reviews, I finally ordered this. It has toning gel pads which are replacements. There’s an instructional card that comes with the unit.

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Six Weeks Later I Couldn’t Recognize Myself – My Abs Are Now Firm

I went to the gym every day and tried tens of ways to lose weight. I still couldn’t get that extra bit of fat off of my tummy. I didn’t know what to do. My friend told me about the Flex Belt.

At first I was skeptical. Why not give it a try? Six week later I couldn’t recognize myself. I had been using the belt every day while working or reading. It was very easy and simple to use.

I think this is the best purchase I’ve made. My friends still can’t believe how firm my abs have become. I recommend this to anyone out there.

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Mike Breaks It all Down – Fits Many Waist Sizes

Hi, this is Mike. Here is a look at the Flex Belt. Here is the box you get. It’s very important that you read through the entire instruction manual. There’s a lot of little details you need to be aware of. These are the gel pads. This will be an ongoing expense when using the Flex Belt. They do wear out after numerous sessions.

This is the Flex Belt itself. It will fit a wide variety of waist sizes. They give you an extension which will fit even larger waist sizes. The extension is simply a longer piece of Velcro.

This is the control unit. You charge this and is where the power is coming from. There’s a carry bag to store everything.

The charger hooks up here and tucks into the compartment. On this side are the contact points where the electric current actually flows. These get covered by the gel pads.

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Laurie Will Be 52 – Wants To Use As I’m Going Through Menopause

Hello, my name is Laurie and will be 52 in May. I want to review a great product called the flex belt. You may have seen this on TV. Here is the box that it came in.

I want to try this as I’m going through menopause. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been before. It seem that most of the fat is around my middle. I’m getting that rounded torso look. I don’t like it and want to do something about it. I have sciatica and it’s really hard for me to do crunches and situps. Because of the pain, I just don’t do them.

So, I thought about the flex belt and the let me try it. i want to show you some features. First, here is the control. There’s so many things that I love about this product. One being is that it’s rechargeable. You don’t have to buy batteries. It fits neatly in the palm of your hand.

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I Own This Device – The Belt Is pretty Simple

Hey, thanks for checking out my flex belt review.  I’m going to walk you through the flex belt quickly. I just finished a session.  I put the plastic pieces back onto the gel pads.  I want to discuss the pros and cons. Is this worth it for you?

The belt itself is pretty simple. It’s pretty comfortable with Velcro on the ends. See the little white marks? This will adjust where you put these small gel pad on the inside. You can adjust it for wider waist sizes. There’s three gel pads on the inside and now I have the plastic coverings over them. You take these off each time you use it of course.

The gel pads are what touch your skin. The gel pads give a bigger surface area for the muscle stimulation. If you order this, don’t forget to keep the covers for the gel pads. They are needed after you use it so that you can fold up the belt and place into the bag.

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