I Own This Device – The Belt Is pretty Simple

Hey, thanks for checking out my flex belt review.  I’m going to walk you through the flex belt quickly. I just finished a session.  I put the plastic pieces back onto the gel pads.  I want to discuss the pros and cons. Is this worth it for you?

The belt itself is pretty simple. It’s pretty comfortable with Velcro on the ends. See the little white marks? This will adjust where you put these small gel pad on the inside. You can adjust it for wider waist sizes. There’s three gel pads on the inside and now I have the plastic coverings over them. You take these off each time you use it of course.

The gel pads are what touch your skin. The gel pads give a bigger surface area for the muscle stimulation. If you order this, don’t forget to keep the covers for the gel pads. They are needed after you use it so that you can fold up the belt and place into the bag.

Get This Simple Device, CLICK HERE.

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