Mike Breaks It all Down – Fits Many Waist Sizes

Hi, this is Mike. Here is a look at the Flex Belt. Here is the box you get. It’s very important that you read through the entire instruction manual. There’s a lot of little details you need to be aware of. These are the gel pads. This will be an ongoing expense when using the Flex Belt. They do wear out after numerous sessions.

This is the Flex Belt itself. It will fit a wide variety of waist sizes. They give you an extension which will fit even larger waist sizes. The extension is simply a longer piece of Velcro.

This is the control unit. You charge this and is where the power is coming from. There’s a carry bag to store everything.

The charger hooks up here and tucks into the compartment. On this side are the contact points where the electric current actually flows. These get covered by the gel pads.

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